About Us

Welcome to the Nassau Amateur Radio Club (NARC), K2VN, an organization designed to promote excellence, fellowship, and education in all things Amateur Radio.

The club is open to everyone, this includes those who are not yet licensed ham radio operators, but seek to be. You may not know where to start your ham radio journey, so come down and meet some of the friendly members, who can help you on your way. You will be pointed in the right direction as to how to take your amateur radio license test, as well as what equipment to buy.

The club is also a great place for experienced hams to get together as well.  For years NARC has prided itself on being first and foremost a “teaching club” on every level. Several active members are in the RF field professionally who delight in sharing their knowledge with other club members.  Rarely does a club meeting go by where even the most experienced ham hasn’t learned something new.

We meet every Monday around 7:00 pm at the Lannin House located in Eisenhower Park, New York, parking field 6.  Our regularly scheduled meetings are the last Monday of the month, (no meetings on holidays) there is plenty of parking for all.  So come down and join us.